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National Excellence Winners Announced!

About Excellence

Excellence Winners

How Excellence Works

What is Excellence?

National and Local Excellence awards celebrate businesses with the highest brand integrity and client satisfaction based on their UpCity Recommendability Rating.

National Excellence: Annual awards presented to the top 100 service providers in the entire UpCity Marketplace.

Local Excellence: Awards presented throughout the year to the top service providers in our highest performing regions.

Benefits for Excellence Award Winners

As a Certified Partner in the UpCity marketplace, you are in a great position to be eligible for UpCity’s National or Local Excellence Awards. Benefits to winners include an Excellence badge for their website, a profile on the Excellence List, a promotional kit, and, for National Excellence winners, a physical award to display at your office. 

How Do I Win?

Keep increasing your Recommendability Rating! UpCity is focused on raising the bar among B2B service providers. A company’s UpCity Recommendability Rating is derived from a variety of digital signals designed to help businesses find a partner that best fits their needs, including Review Quantity and Quality, Presence in Search Engines, Web Authority and more.

Reviews for a Cause

Each year, UpCity runs Reviews for a Cause campaigns that benefit a charity. As we approach the Excellence Awards, we encourage our service providers to recruit more reviews and improve their Recommendability Rating.

For every review collected during the Excellence Awards period(s), we will donate $5 to our charity.

This year UpCity has chosen to work with Lemonade Day for our National Excellence Awards period, and Meals on Wheels for our Local Excellence Awards.

Latest Excellence Award Winners

National Excellence Award Winners

National Excellence Award Winners

Awarded annually, these providers are in the top 1% of the UpCity marketplace.

Latest Local Excellence Winners

Latest Local Excellence Winners

Awarded quarterly, these are the latest providers to be recognized for outstanding services.

How Excellence Awards Work

UpCity’s mission is to help businesses find B2B service providers they can trust.

The UpCity Recommendability Rating was developed as a proprietary scoring algorithm to determine a service provider’s  credibility and recommendabilty, giving UpCity the confidence to recommend service providers to the over 225,000 businesses that visit our Marketplace each month. 

Each year, UpCity analyzes and scores more than 35,000 businesses based on their UpCity Recommendability Rating and awards the top providers with an UpCity Excellence Award.

National Excellence Winners
Past Local Excellence Winners

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